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AULFA Elevator Co., Ltd through the introduction of the German elevator manufacturing technology and advanced technology, adhere to the attitude of excellence, continuous innovation, to provide users with safe, efficient, comfortable, energy-saving products, classic elevator brand is committed to building the city traffic leading the trend of the times, bearing the trust.


Company adhering to the “safety first” business philosophy, whether it is manufacturing, construction or installation, we always put the safety first, to ensure that every aspect of security worries.


AULFA Elevator Co., Ltd, perennial and world-class accessories enterprises to maintain close technical cooperation, for different needs of customers with more personalized options.



Advanced intelligent control technology, instantaneous speed; new shock absorption technology, build security network, Elfa high-speed elevator allows you to experience the speed while feeling the sense of ubiquitous.

Energy saving

Than the average of the elevator to save more than 45% of electricity, the real environmental protection and energy saving advantages.

News Center, interpretation of dynamic


AULFA hope that the relevant news and elevator knowledge, so you can better understand the elevator at the same time, we can have a better understanding.

``Electromagnetism detection method of hoisting elevator wire rope`` promulgated and implemented
The Jiangsu Provincial Standard DB32 / T2887-2016 “Electromagnetism detecting method of the hoisting elevator rope” has been published and implemented by our company.
What is the difference between an ordinary elevator and a fire elevator in a high-rise residential building?
High rise residential general elevator and fire elevator is the biggest difference between the use of different, fire elevator is dedicated to the fire fighting and rescue team…
Energy saving elevator rating scale
Assessment of energy-saving elevator registration, household appliances can be similar to the five-tier system, there are AAA level, AA level, A-level, B-class, C-level five-tier system. If the AC two-speed elevator for the C-class, then the turbine worm VVVF elevator can be …
Elevator emergency rescue drill held in Nantong
With the development of the city, the elevator in people’s production and life plays an increasingly important role. To further enhance the city’s emergency response to the emergency rescue handling capacity, 5 am, 2016 Nantong elevator accident …
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Customer honor, service first

AULFA Elevator has been convinced that good elevator and good service are good quality. In each of the services, AULFA are dedicated to do our best to safeguard the top rights and interests of customers.
24-hour online service, so you can find us anytime, anywhere.
30 minutes maintenance commitment for you to enjoy the service at the fastest time.
Regular elevator detection, for you to enjoy every trip at ease.

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Our employees provide 365 days a year, 24 hours a day service.

Our services in major cities throughout China, to provide consumers with the best and most timely services.

We serve all the problems of the elevator, if any elevator problems, please contact us!


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AULFA Elevator Co., Ltd., perennial and world-class accessories enterprises to maintain close technical cooperation, for different needs of customers to provide more personalized choice. Since the establishment of the company, has been convinced that the innovation of technology is to secure a ride, quality management is the foundation of the company.