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AULFA Elevator ——Security Elevator

AULFA Elevator is an A-level professional elevator company approved by the AQSIQ, integrating the research and development, sales, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the elevator and escalator. The global management center is headquartered in Shanghai – the economic center of China. The elevator manufacturing base is located in Nantong – the hometown of elevator manufacturing in China. It has R & D center, modem workshop, logistics center and high-speed elevator test tower, equipped with world-class advanced production equipment, which meet the market demand for high-quality elevator products completely.

product systems

AULFA product systems cover residential elevator, roomless elevator, sightseeing elevator, business elevator, hospital elevator, villa elevator, freight elevator, dumbwaiter elevator, car elevator, escalator, moving walk and so on. Since establishment, AULFA Elevator Company has been believing in that technological innovation is to ensure safer travel, and quality management is the foothold of the company.

business philosophy

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “safety first”, putting the safety of employees at the first play, whether it is manufacturing, construction or installation, soas to ensure that all the links including product research & development, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and use.

Quality management

During the production, installation and after-sales service, AULFA Elevator execute the IS09001-2000 and IS014000 strictly, to ensure that the product quality is in line with GB75881 EN-81 standard.


corporate vision

AULFA Elevator is rooted in China, with business all over the word. It creates high quality products with the attitude of pursuing excellence and serves customer with professional spirit. With the efforts of every employee, AULFA brand will be popular around the world.

Strives for perfection, casting products

The company will always keep the pursuit of excellent talentsand cutting-edge technology, to drive production with wisdomand create value with technology.


Application of internet of things in German industry 4.0 system

“Industry 4.0 system” is a high-tech strategic plan proposed by the German government, which is aimed at pushing the intelligence level of the manufacturing industry to a new height. As an enterprise has been keeping close cooperation with the great German company, AULFA Elevator Company has also become one of the enterprises exposed to the advanced concepts and working standard in China.


PICC insurance ensures security


AULFA Elevator Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation with the China Property Insurance Company, and all the products of AULFA Elevator will be underwrote by China Property Insurance Company, to ensure safety! Let the  customers be assured of the installation and use.

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